ID-Design, Inc.

145 Chimney Ln.
Wilmington, NC, 28409

Based in sunny Wilmington, North Carolina, ID-Design, Inc. is an independent software engineering company specialized in rapid Web, Mac OSX, Linux and Windows software development. We can handle the delivery of small (< US$100K) and mid (< US$500K) sized projects.

We can help you focus on your core business and increase productivity by programming computers to do the boring and repetitive work for you.

We leverage sound, object-oriented software designs, to benefit a company’s entire information space. Whether it’s a simple desktop application for data exchange or a fully dynamic, personalized corporate web site, ID-Design, Inc. has the skills and the proven track to ensure the success of your project.

If you don’t have the information infrastructure or are pondering, how can these guys help my business be competitive, give us a call or send us a letter. We would be glad to answer.

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Last Modified: February 22, 2022