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The following downloads will work with Apple’s Mac OSX or NeXT’s OPENSTEP (if you still use OPENSTEP, drop us a line). They are build using XCode, Cocoa in Objective-C.


WhatSize WhatSize
Browse the file system by file size. Remove junk files.
version 5.3.2 for MAC-OSX, released on August 29, 2012
InGrid InGrid
Arange your icons automatically.
version 1.0 for OPENSTEP, released on May 25, 1997
Defaults Defaults
Edit your defaults database.
version 1.1 for OPENSTEP, released on Dec 7, 1997
Source Code. Equivalent to log4j on Objective-C
update 10.3.9 for MAC-OSX, released on August 2, 2007
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