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Software done on a custom basis can give companies a big advantage over competitors. We do not believe in the so called "generic" packages, the ones that claim to do it all, but somehow end up costing lots of money just to be "configured".

We can help your company automate and streamline information management. If you are dealing with databases, web based stores, or having to manage a large number of records we can provide a quick and free assessment.

Based on the requirements we can implement a web based client-server system or distributed desktop applications. We write the server side in Java so that it can be deployed on different server operating systems. In general we write browser based client interfaces. When a specialized "thick" clients is needed we recommend MacOSX and Objective-C. Similar to the iTunes client.

If you wonder where will your new web based solution run or who will maintain it, we can also help host it for you.

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